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02 Oct05 Oct 2023

The 3rd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion

Recently, an innovative technique named PBCT (Proton Boron Capture Therapy) has been demonstrated experimentally using molecules containing 11B nuclei absorbed in cancer cells (in-vitro tests) which can potentially be administered onto a deep-seated tumor and then bombarded with a proton beam typically used in hadrontherapy. As a consequence of the interaction of the proton beam with 11B nuclei, alpha-particles with low energy (around 4 MeV) are generated in the nuclear fusion events and ultimately stopped inside the tumor, thus releasing their entire energy in a single cancer cell. The macroscopic effect is enhanced biological damage of the tumor and treatment selectivity (simultaneously reduction of unwanted side effects on healthy tissues) compared to that caused only by the incoming protons. 

Both topics will be presented and discussed during the workshop with the goal of identifying current technological challenges and future steps, along with scientific and societal impact in the field of clean energy production and cancer treatment. The main objective of the workshop is to generate a task force of European scientific institutions for a potential EU application for funding.

The workshop will be held at the Institute of Italian Culture in Prague and the ELI Beamlines Facility in Dolní Břežany.