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Solid hydrogen ribbon as a renewable laser-driven source of pure proton beams

The article ‘A Cryogenic Hydrogen Ribbon for Laser Driven Proton Acceleration at Hz-Level Repetition Rate’ was supported by IMPULSE.
03.05.2022 Read More >

Meet András Makai, leader of IMPULSE Work Package 3

In this profile, we introduce you IMPULSE WP3 leader András Makai from the ELI ALPS team.
12.04.2022 Read More >

New manufacturing approach for grating targets results in enhanced laser absorption

The result is an enhanced laser absorption on this type of solid targets.
22.03.2022 Read More >

Meet Daniel Kramer, leader of IMPULSE Work Package 4

Within the project, Daniel leads the Work Package dedicated to sustainable operation, optimisation and development of laser chains and experiments of the ELI facilities.
07.03.2022 Read More >

Science Challenge Finals: We Have a Winner!

ELI Beamlines and HiLASE Centre launched a competition for secondary school students in late October to participate in the Science Challenge.
01.03.2022 Read More >

New discovery about a unique photosynthetic apparatus

The discovery may provide a means for enabling microorganisms that currently cannot process sunlight to be able to photosynthesise.
21.02.2022 Read More >

ELI ERIC is hiring a Director of Science

The DoS will represent and serve as the leading scientific spokesperson for ELI ERIC.
07.02.2022 Read More >

Meet Minja Maric, Project Manager of IMPULSE

Minja supports the overall coordination and management of the project activities.
30.01.2022 Read More >

ELI facilities join forces for a new electron acceleration experiment

The ELI Beamlines team in Dolní Břežany was joined by colleagues from ELI ALPS for a kHz electron acceleration experiment at the ALFA end-station.
21.12.2021 Read More >

European-American partnership in laser technologies

A Strategic Partnership Program Agreement was signed between the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and LLNL.
17.12.2021 Read More >