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ELI ERIC Information Day Engages Polish Scientific Community to Strengthen Collaborations

20 Mar 2023

The Polish scientific community has been an active collaborator of ELI ERIC with contributions in the ELI Preparatory Phase and ongoing collaborations such as joint experiments to the construction of unique instruments, as well as student training and exchanges. The ELI Information Day held in Cracow, Poland, on 8 March 2023 was an opportunity for more than 60 participants to learn about ELI’s scientific offer and collaborations.

After an initial round table discussion with Polish stakeholders in the fall of 2021, the ELI Polska consortium in cooperation with ELI ERIC organised a Polish Information Day on 8 March in Cracow. The main aim of the event was to explore existing and future scientific collaborations and synergies between the Polish scientific community and the ELI Facilities, as well as identify the next steps to be taken to implement new exciting research projects. The ELI Polska consortium currently consists of 11 partners of universities and research institutes interested in participating in the use of the research capacities of ELI. The mission of the consortium is to coordinate the Polish scientific communities’ cooperation and engagement with ELI for joint research projects, scientific access as well as education and training opportunities.

The official programme of the ELI Information Day was opened with a welcome speech by Tadeusz Lesiak, Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences. Following the introduction, ELI ERIC Director General Allen Weeks addressed the audience about the new opportunities at ELI for the European laser community. The programme continued with updates on the scientific progress and developments at all three ELI Facilities including the equipment available in the 2nd User Call and summaries of the ongoing cooperation with Polish partners.

The afternoon session focused on examples of the current collaboration and ongoing projects between Polish scientists and the ELI Facilities. Among the joint activities, the construction of a Time Projection Chamber (ELITPC) as a collaboration between Warsaw University and the ELI-NP Facility was introduced. In addition, ELI Beamlines’s long-term project with Polish research centre Solaris focusing on X-ray spectroscopy was summarised. These efforts have led to compelling results in joint scientific publications, user and R&D experiments and developments in research topics such as laser-plasma diagnostics, magnetic fields, and proton-boron fusion.

All the presentations of the Information Day are available on the event website, as well as the entire video recording of each programme point.