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ELI scientists presented their work at UFO XIII

05 Apr 2023

The ultrafast optics conference 2023 (UFO XIII, ) recently took place in Bariloche, Argentina. With more than 180 participants from across the world at the conference, the ELI Facilities had a significant presence. Researchers from ELI presented their work on the science and technology at the facilities, but ELI was also present in larger collaborations and as a general reference point for potential future experiments using the unique lasers available only there. ELI also sponsored the third plenary talk given by ETH Zürich professor Ursula Keller.

From ELI ALPS, Szabolcs Tóth presented laser development results using thin plate pulse compression, and Ádám Börzsönyi introduced both the progress in laser development at the facility and the status and prospects for attosecond science there (on behalf of the Science Director of ELI ALPS, Katalin Varjú). The presider of the latter session made sure to comment how professional the laser sources are at ELI.

Two scientists from ELI Beamlines, Shirly Espinoza and Mateusz Rebarz, presented posters related to femtosecond ellipsometry, along with two researchers from ELI NP who presented posters on aspects of shaping and characterizing Petawatt lasers. Researchers from ELI Beamlines were also coauthors on a presentation related to large, high damage threshold dielectric gratings, and ELI ALPS scientists were coauthors on a poster about mid-infrared laser generation and its use for high-harmonic sources.

As part of the scientific presentations, detailed information was shared about the 2nd Joint ELI Call for Users which was announced at the beginning of February inviting scientists to submit their proposals for some of the first state-of-the-art experiments at the ELI Facilities. Proposers can select from a wide range of laser systems, technical equipment and instruments: 5 primary lasers and 10 secondary sources, 11 endstations, and 6 standalone or experimental platforms.


Szabolcs Tóth (ELI APLS) – 16 mJ 1.8-cycle pulses at 1 kHz repetition rate from single thin plate compression

Ádám Börzsönyi (ELI APLS) – Latest progress on the few-cycle, high average power lasers of ELI-ALPS

Robert Boge (ELI BL) – 500 mJ, 1 kHz, thin-disk multipass amplifier

Ádám Börzsönyi (ELI ALPS, on behalf of Katalin Varjú) – Attosecond Science at ELI Scale (invited)


Vicentiu Iancu (ELI NP) – Generation and optimization of optical vortices in PW-class laser systems

Shirly Espinoza (ELI BL) – Study of acoustic phonons propagation by femtosecond ellipsometry

Mateusz Rebarz (ELI BL) – A Versatile Experimental Platform for Broadband Femtosecond Ellipsometry at ELI Beamlines Facility

Anda-Maria Talposi (ELI NP) – Simulations and Measurements for Signatures of Spatio-Temporal Couplings in Laser Fields