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Save the dates: User Meetings are coming up at the ELI facilities

28 Sep 2021

With the recent establishment of the Extreme Light Infrastructure ERIC (ELI European Research Infrastructure Consortium), the ELI facilities, ELI Beamlines in the Czech Republic and ELI ALPS in Hungary are starting operations and will begin to provide access to Users. ELI is organising User events this autumn to update the community about recent developments and future research opportunities at the ELI facilities.

                                ELI Beamlines facility, Czech Republic

The ELI Beamlines User Conference will be held on 20-21 October as a hybrid event with both online and in-person attendance in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic. The event sets out to provide updated information about the current status and offered technologies at ELI Beamlines, including presentations of the individual experimental stations. Attendees will gain practical information concerning the centre operation itself in addition to provided and planned services. Similar to the previous event, the scientific programme will be divided into a joint section for all Users and into panels focused on specific research topics. Registration is already open on the official event website.

                                              ELI ALPS facility, Hungary

The ELI ALPS (Attosecond Light Pulse Source) User Workshop will take place on 8-10 November 2021, in Szeged, Hungary. The event will be held in the building of ELI ALPS. The programme of the workshop will include talks on finalised experiments, ongoing and scheduled campaigns, as well as future commissioning experiments of beamline and end-station developers. The workshop is planned to feature three national research projects to be implemented at ELI ALPS. Talks will be by invitation, and a limited number of User experiment talks from colleagues interested in becoming ELI ALPS Users will be included in the programme. If you would be interested in giving such a presentation please send your abstract to Ms. Vera Horvath For further information about the ELI ALPS User Workshop, please visit the official event website.